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An alias used by the group Tax Loss in 1978 for the release of the single ‘Car 67’. Due to the success of the single, reaching no.7 in the UK chart, they continued to use the name for two more singles, but had resorted back to their original identity by the end of 1979. The song, based on the woes of a taxi driver, was initially written by Paul Phillips when he was an actual London taxi driver waiting for a fare, with Pete Zorn, his brother-in-law and fellow band member, later adding the finishing touches. On 11th January 1979, they appeared on Top Of The Pops with a line-up consisting of Paul Phillips (singing taxi driver/operator), Pete Zorn (bass), Richard Burgess (drums), and Bill Zorn guesting on guitar.

Tax Loss disbanded in 1981, but the popularity of ‘Car 67’ means that they will forever be seen as Driver 67. Somewhat reluctantly to start with, but wholeheartedly now, Phillips has accepted this and his release in November 2017, called ‘Breathe’, was effectively Driver 67’s first album.

For the various members, and line-ups, see the Tax Loss profile.